Callie's Treasures Fenestra Earrings

  • $25.00

Callie's Treasures collection includes some of her favorite things made for her by Steve for gifts.

Fenestra is the Latin root for window, the frame that these earring make. They are layered exotic woods and you can see their multi-colors from the side. 

The Fenestra earrings are the first piece in our "Wasteful Thinking" campaign: making sure there is no waste in making our pieces, but rather all scraps and edges are used or recycled in some way. These in particular were the frame left from a ring cut out, developed into 2X2 open square dangles. 

*We now have a variety of shapes and sizes, and can create to your request as well. All are made to have one light and one dark side, so that you can simply switch ears to change your look. Full dark or light woods also available upon request.

*The newest updates now have notches or graduated edges so as to see the layers from more angles