Tempus Fugit 1400

  • $120.00

This is our second piece, in the Tempus Fugit collection: the second hour (1400). "Time flies," so keep your technologically advanced time piece fashion forward! Your Apple Watch will have the option to nestle in a layered wooden cuff, with silver framed magnetic brackets for security, and ease of install from the side. The perfect alternative for a fancier outfit, while still keeping the time, your activity, and receiving notifications. 

This cuff fits the Apple 38mm or 42mm Smart Watch, and should correspond with versions1-3. It can be switched out from original bands, while keeping full functionality. (Watch not included in listed price)

*Since we do engineer all by hand, the layered wooden color combination may vary, but we can also size to your wrist for the best fit. Keep in mind that it is a fashion piece, therefore sensors might not always read as they would with original Apple bands.**We are not liable for any damaged watches, though we work hard to manufacture an easy switch out and secure band to prevent any defaults**